Free patterns – don’t be too dismayed!

Photo on 18-01-2014 at 15.57 #3

Everyone loves a free pattern – why wouldn’t you? It’s free.

As a student, they’re quite frankly a God-sent.

One thing to bare in mind though – they can sometimes be wrong. Don’t be disheartened if your very careful work doesn’t always match the picture. Although the creator is undoubtedly very talented (and generous – thank you thank you thank you!), they don’t have time to always triple check their work.

Photo on 18-01-2014 at 15.58

Is this annoying? Yes. Can it be spun into a positive? YES!

Just pause and think for a bit. Try and work out why it’s going wrong and how you can correct it. The more you are able to understand the construction of your craft the better you will become.

Photo on 18-01-2014 at 16.00

Here’s an example of the most recent boo-boo I’ve come across:

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 16.46.52Photo on 18-01-2014 at 15.48

So keep going! Don’t be despondent if you have to re-do something once or twice…or three times…or five…


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