Spring Knitted Baby Dress

knitted spring green baby dress

This is the finished dress top for a new born baby. The colour is actually – though completely coincidentally – bang on trend for this Spring.

knitted crochet spring green baby shoes

Of course, you can’t have an complete outfit without matching shoes! So these were a really fast and easy pattern that took all of about 40 minutes to make, sew up and add the buttons.

The roses and flowers were add on details from a crochet book I was given last week from my Auntie. Don’t worry if you can’t find this specific book, as they’re the standard method of making a crochet rose.

For any UK readers, the wool was from the 99p Store! It’s actually a brand that is soft baby wool, which is normally a bit pricey. In truth it feels like standard double knit yarn, but should be ok for babies without any existing skin conditions.


Crochet Blanket: Update #2

It’s getting there slowly. Here is about 1/3 of the finished blanket. Forgive the lighting, it was on my phone late at night and I didn’t bring my camera home for Christmas.

Before you titter at your computer screens, I’d just like to say that I know it’s wonky. Apparently I can’t watch Game of Thrones and crochet very basic stitches at the same time…*sighs*…

So thereย isย a plan for the edging to make it look like it was deliberate. Stay tuned to see how that one works out!

Want to make one? Find this gorgeous pattern here!


Crochet Coral: Demonstrating the most complex of maths with wool

This talk is fantastic and celebrates so many things: maths, crochet, nature.

The artist, Margaret Wertheim, uses this remarkable piece to demonstrate and enlighten the world about some of the most beautiful and complex mathematical problems, whilst raising awareness about global warming at the same time.

For me, it was a prime example of showing how visuals in learning for creative people are key. Not only this, but finally wool was in the limelight of something close to viral! I get the feeling this is not the end of digitally spread knitted creations…

Have you made anything like this? Post a picture in the comments below!


Grandma’s Neck-warmer

This one’s for Grandma. Due to her condition, she can’t have the heating on but still needs to keep warm. I knitted this for her neck to keep her nice and cosy.

She loves – if you hadn’t already guessed – daisies and butterflies. So I went to town on the decorations…