Knitted dog: Best in show review


So I recently bought this book…

Best in show by Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne

Best in show by Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne

…And loved it!

There are some really cute patterns in there for the most commonly owned breeds of dogs, which makes it an ideal handbook for knitting a dog-lover a gift or two.

As it happens, this is exactly why I bought it. I knitted this one:

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Overall review:

Good bits: not very time consuming to make

Good bits: simple patterns

Good bits: very clearly explained

Bad bits: a lot of faff to knit some small areas that would be easier just sewn on, e.g. the eyebrows were a bit of a mission.

Get results of poochy-perfection with this very clear guide, it’s a fantastic knit project.


Grandma’s Neck-warmer

This one’s for Grandma. Due to her condition, she can’t have the heating on but still needs to keep warm. I knitted this for her neck to keep her nice and cosy.

She loves – if you hadn’t already guessed – daisies and butterflies. So I went to town on the decorations…


Meerkat Knitting Patterns: Simples, charming.

Awful pun titles aside, Knitted Meerkats is a great book.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 16.52.00

They’re the perfect thing if you want to make something small. In this instance, it was for my Grandma, who loves the adverts.

Once you’ve mastered the basic meerkat body (never thought I’d write that?!), the clothes are easy to make and take very little time to do. There’s a whole family of different type of meerkat, so potentially there’s a lot of knitting to be done – there are even children meerkats .

Seeing as Grandma already has a meerkat that’s dressed as a groom, I knitted her the bride…


Knitted objects: Why the hell not

Most knitters enjoy the actual process as well as the final result. These are some of my favourite finds where knitters have made things for the pure joy of the craft as well as the final result. – Are they functional? Not really… – But do they bring a smile to everyone’s face? Definitely. For the real knitting lover, the enjoyment is enough.

Some of these were also made for exhibitions. This is great because it demonstrates how knitting isn’t only functional, but is also a form of art.