Crochet Blanket: Update #2

It’s getting there slowly. Here is about 1/3 of the finished blanket. Forgive the lighting, it was on my phone late at night and I didn’t bring my camera home for Christmas.

Before you titter at your computer screens, I’d just like to say that I know it’s wonky. Apparently I can’t watch Game of Thrones and crochet very basic stitches at the same time…*sighs*…

So thereย isย a plan for the edging to make it look like it was deliberate. Stay tuned to see how that one works out!

Want to make one? Find this gorgeous pattern here!


Crochet blanket update #1

One third of the way there! I’ve been very good and only allowed myself to do one line of this every so often. Now it’s near the end of my degree, I really shouldn’t do any more than once a week…

Like candy for the eyes...

Like candy for the eyes…

So progress is slow…but very exciting. It’s like a knitter’s pic&mix.

Here’s theย PATTERN for this amazing gem.